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We are a solution provider specializing in embedded control systems, information logistics systems for mobile machines, and information systems for communicating with machines. Epec has experience with control systems for challenging conditions and is able to offer a total solution, from control units to project services and designing.

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  • Control Unit

    Epec 4602 - Epec Oy

    Epec 4602 Control Unit has a wide range of programmable I/Os for different implementations. Epec 4602 can control 10 hydraulic blocks simultaneously by using 20 PWM outputs and 10 feedbacks. It can be used as a stand-alone controller or as part of decentralized control system.

  • Control Unit

    Epec 3606 - Epec Oy

    Epec 3606 Control Unit is a compact and robust multifunction controller with a high calculating power. It can be used as a stand-alone controller for smaller systems or as part of a bigger, decentralized control system. Epec 3606 control unit has 21 I/O pins in total.

  • Control Unit

    Epec 5050 - Epec Oy

    Epec 5050 Control Unit is ideal for applications that require plenty of I/O and enhanced algorithms. Epec 5050 control unit has also a large memory and its I/O is widely programmable. For example, PI pins’ threshold voltage can be selected and many inputs have pull-up/pull-down selection.

  • Control Unit

    Epec 3724 - Epec Oy

    Epec 3724 Control Unit has an optimized number of both input and output pins to be used for numerous roles in the control system. The total number of I/O pins is 52, and the I/O solution is based on the same proven in use combination as in the previous 2024 control unit. This product is our all-time favourite and a real multipurpose controller for distributed control systems.

  • Control Unit

    Epec 3720 - Epec Oy

    Need to connect 10 propo valve pairs? Epec 3720 control unit is specially optimized for hydraulic actuator control with a high amount of PWM outputs and feedback pins. Epec 3720 I/O interface is compatible with the previous Epec 2020 control unit and gives an easy upgrade possibility. Furthermore, Epec 3720 comes in the same rugged proven-in-use aluminum housing and reliable connectors.

  • Control Unit

    Epec 3610 - Epec Oy

    Epec 3610 Control Unit is a compact controller containing 22 I/O pins, all of them can be configured as input pins. Epec 3610 has an RS-232 serial port and as an assembly variant, I/O interface that is compatible with the previous Epec 2038 Control Unit. However, Epec 3610 also comes with completely new features like high-side current measurement and an internal 3-axis accelerometer, for example, for levelling purposes. Epec 3610 also has an option for accurate Pt1000 measurement.

  • Display Unit

    Epec 6107 - Epec Oy

    Epec 6107 Display Unit enables remote connectivity and has an excellent sunlight readability, wide viewing angles and high-end graphics. Epec 6107 also has versatile communications interfaces and it offers multiple possibilities for remote access. With its 7″ resistive touch screen it is compact, yet big enough to fit many purposes. Epec 6107 supports both panel and pedestal mounting. Together with Epec’s IoT Services you’ll get the fastest to configure and most reliable IoT system/remote management solution in the market.

  • Safety Control Unit

    Epec SC52 - Epec Oy

    SC52 offers a flexible solution for software-based safety function implementation. Together with the SC52 controller, Epec offers a set of pre-certified PLCopen application libraries in order to reduce customer’s safety related software development effort.

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